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Free Energy Conservation Presentations

John Carroll of Carroll Energy SolutionsLooking for an energy expert to speak about conservation at your Philadelphia or Southeastern PA function?

Look no further, CES will be happy to help. In commitment to our underlying philosophy of reducing energy use in the Philadelphia and Delaware Valley community, CES will gladly deliver a presentation about residential energy use. It is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge base and learn more about building science and lifestyle implications.

Some of the issues addressed include:

-Where does the average home lose the most energy?
-What repairs and modifications can be made today to improve the efficiency of my home?
-How can I reduce energy use without sacrificing comfort and lifestyle?
-Where can I find assistance with funding energy-improving projects?
-Are there any tax breaks for reducing my energy use?
-What is the key to reducing my energy expenditure?

In our experience, we have found that the overwhelming obstacle to reducing energy use is not a lack of desire to do so, but a lack of knowledge. Nearly everyone we encounter tells us they would be willing to make changes and possibly sacrifices to their present way of living in order to have a lesser impact on the planet and save money. Our goal is to deliver that knowledge in a way that is both easily understandable and motivational.

If you have any quesitons, or would like to schedule a presentation, please call us at (215)440-9190, email, or complete and submit the form here.




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