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Thermographic Scanning and Infrared Inspections

See exactly where cold air enters.The most effective diagnostic procedure for determining the thermal performance of a structure envelope is thermal imaging.

Thermography identifies surface temperature variations of the building envelope, which are directly related to problems in structure, thermal bridging, moisture content, and air leakage.  These problems are the largest source of energy loss in most homes.

It can be used to find hidden heating and cooling losses due to moisture intrusion, inadequate or non-existent insulation, and poor construction.  Fixing the problems will have a major impact on increasing energy efficiency, structural integrity, and individual comfort. Early correction of the faults identified can also prevent extensive damage in the future.

Having a CES thermographic energy audit allows you to:
- Actually see the effectiveness of insulation in your home’s construction.  The resulting thermograms help us determine whether your home needs insulation and where in the building it should go.
- Detect wet insulation in flat-roof systems quickly and efficiently.  Finding damaged portions of the roofing structure allows us to repair or replace them quickly before the entire roof is contaminated.
- Uncover moisture issues located behind exterior and interior walls, in ceilings or under carpet-covered floors.
- Control mold by finding unknown sources of moisture that would otherwise go undetected.  Infrared scanning is the fastest most efficient way to provide 100% moisture detection coverage.
- Identify locations in the foundation susceptible to deteriorating structural integrity.
- Locate leaks and inefficiencies in HVAC systems.  We have seen homes in which more than half of the conditioned air is lost to outside the building envelope.

Find missing and insufficient insulation!


Thermographic Imaging is included for no extra charge in our energy audit package for all our customers throughout Philadelphia and Southeastern Pa.


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